Is it Safe To give My Kids Headphones ?

It seems that Toddler Headphones did not emerge from the struggles of electronics companies to reach the largest segment of customers, whether at the level of adults or at the level of young people, and of course we know to expand the company's sales worldwide, so many companies are trying to advertise to us that their products are high quality and suitable for all ages without a doubt, so is that belief really real or is it just one of the thousands of other ways that international companies spread their products and make a ton of money ?

Is it Safe To Give My Kids Headphones ?

Avoid Your Child`s Hearing Loss 

There are many studies in the United States show that one of the five regions have some type or degree of hearing loss, not only that, but the number is still increasing!

Is it Safe To Give My Kids Headphones ?

There are also Australian studies have shown that about 70 percent of children suffer from the risk of hearing loss as well, and all of this not only from the sound disturbing and very loud sounds but also a very large percentage falls on the unsafe Kids Headphones as well.

But before you take your child's earpiece and prevent him from listening to his favorite YouTube program, I have to tell you that Boston Children's Hospital has made it clear that there are some things you need to do so that you can give your child a headset to use it completely safe and without any problems or One of these tips is that you should not increase the volume level above 70% of the total volume and that the duration of use of these headphones should not exceed more than one hour a day.

Do you still think the headphones are still unsafe and afraid of hearing of your child? , You can continue reading the article to see more tips for you to read.

How To Make Toddler Headphones Safe To Use

If your child is screaming to take his or headphones after you've read the introduction, you should give him headphones back to keep a little silent, so here are the most important tips you can consider in order to get the best experience of your kids headphones :

Is it Safe To Give My Kids Headphones ?

Headphone Design 

Try to pick the best design fits your child snugly  so the size has to be appropriate on the ear to prevent any noise from entering and also not to be harmful to your son to use for a long time (we recommend not to use it for a long time by the way), so the design plays very large role in Choose a best safe toddler headphone.

Do A Test To The Sound

The best who can make the best choice for your son is of course you! So try to do a simple test so you know whether your child can use the headset or not, and you should feel that your child's ear can bear the sound of the headphone or not, and you can also find out what is the best volume level you can choose so  your child does not exceed  to not be harmful to his ear.

Set a Limit To The Volume

As we said in Your ULTIMATE Guide to pick the perfect Toddler Headphones for your kid that the first thing you should put your eyes on before any other feature in choosing the best toddler headphones for a child is to look at the specifications Is there a Volume limit you can put on the headphone, because as we said in the introduction, the best limit you can put in your child's earphone should be at 70% of the total sound of the headset (this may vary from child to child depending on their tolerance) so you should see if there is a volume limit feature in the kid headphone.

Please Take Breaks 

We know very well that your child's headset gives us some time to do our own work, or to take our breath, but of course, if we use the headset with the child for long periods of time it will be harmful.

Use kid-safe headphones

There are a lot of those types of headphones already, so try to make it your choice, because these headphones have lower levels of maximum volume than normal headphones, thus making them the most suitable for the child.

We should be clear that there is no research on what is the youngest age a child can wear headphones. But we do know that the younger the child, the smaller the ear canals. This means that even a small sound level can be louder in child`s ear than adults. 

You can also simply download applications that can help you putting a volume limit on your child's phone will make you more confident that it will not exceed the allowable sound level. It is also very preferable to make the sound level less than 50% in order to avoid any sudden loud sounds that your child may hear. Finally, if you heard your baby's headphones certainly that means that the sound is too loud and needs to be reduced.

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