How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones

Not only are toddler headphones the first thing to put on the list of needs of the child, because we are always looking for the best for our children in their whole life, from food, drink, living and other aspects, and among what we are looking for our children is also the level of well-being or fun, We should look for what is best for them, even in terms of entertaining themselves until their lives are completed in a satisfactorily way for us and them, or until we do everything we can do for them so that they can live an integrated life from all sides.

How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones

So to take care of the funny side of their lives and with the huge advances in entertainment compared with our age, one of the things most children love at that age (especially in rapid development
 in technology and entertainment side from videogames, social networks and music) The earphones have become one of the most important things a person should have, not only adults but also children, which makes them in their own world and opens up areas of fantasy that they need!

To be able to choose the best children's headphones we must be aware of some of the things that may come to mind any of us looking for the best for his toddler, so we tried to make guide that combines simplicity and detail so that you can know most of what you want to know about toddler headphones in order to You can be aware of everything (or at least whatever matters to your child!) About the most appropriate and best headset for your child

In this article we will try to put many important points that will help you in the search for the best headphone for your child,

Why Do You Have To Buy Kids Headphones 

Not all earbuds keep the child in isolation from the outside world is always bad, but they have a lot of features that can be counted for them, for example
    How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones
  • Studying: yes, your children can use earphones for learning. There are many schools use headphones as primary mean of learning, for a lot of reasons, it may be because the educational content is too large to be explained in the traditional way, or provide  content on more entertainingly way that we grew up on, or even in the entertainment of the kids in the classroom by doing a lot of activities and fun games in the classroom, you can know more about Headphones For Students .

    How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones
  • Stress And Anxiety: it can be used by children who suffer from stress and anxiety when there is noise in the surrounding environment, especially in the early stages of school, where they feel a sudden change in the environment and people, which may make it difficult for some. so when using Kids Headphones it can reduce or eliminate the noise, which gives these children safety and comfort when used.
  • Autistic Kids : (In my opinion) This is one of the most important cases that can be used, children with autism suffer from a very high sensitivity to loud, sudden or sharp sounds, which makes them in a state of complete anxiety and make their actions unexpected and sometimes illogical because they are very sensitive to noise, so buying a headphone for them can reduce tension and give them a sense of safe. 
  • Airplane: I don't think ear pain is the best feeling for you when flying, as well as for children. Ear ache is caused by a change in the air pressure that accompanies the takeoff. Because the child 's ear is simply more sensitive than others, and the ear canals are smaller than adults. Noises, even if they were small for those who are older, are large and annoying in the child' s ear, one of the solutions is to buy Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones .

What should I Look For In Toddler Headphones 

    How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones
  1. Microphone: It's a feature with a microphone inside the headset so that you can talk through it in games, make calls or record audio and video clips. This feature may be important to your child or not, depending on his or her personal needs, if  your child likes games and especially that need to communicate with other players or of if he likes making calls with his friends, but if he is not one of those kids, I don't think he needs that feature in his headphone.

How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones2.Volume Control: Through this feature, you can make a volume limit for your child's headphone through a switch in the headset through which you can set a certain sound limit so as not to exceed, especially since there are many clips that contain sounds with a very high volume may be harmful to your child's ears. So with this feature, you can simply set a certain volume limit that the headset does not go over even if the video audio level is higher than the volume that your child's ear can borne. 

3.Weight :It may seem that this feature is not very important, but in fact, this feature is very important, sometimes your child may feel that his headphone is overweighted and that may lead to pain in the head if the child used the headset for long periods, which may affect your son's experience of that headset, so we had to keep that factor in mind in order to avoid those problems later.

How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones4.Noise-Isolating: This factor is one of the important factors that you have to consider while searching for a perfect toddler headphone , Noise-isolating is that the headphone separates all of the external noises that surrounding your kid, so that feature can be used on noisy areas  of some situations you don`t want your kid to hear what is said, or even that noisy areas can affect your son`s ear so we must put that feature in mind when search for the headphone we want.

5. Wireless: This feature makes you do not need to have any wires to connect the headset with your child's phone or tablet, which is very important with the child because these wires may be an obstacle during the use of his phone and spoil your child`s experience.

6.Materials :To provide the greatest possible comfort from use, the materials from which the headphone is made, for example, headphones made of poor plastic lead to the discomfort of the child and may lead to problems in the head, or maybe the headphones cushions made of materials not recommended to use for long periods and other materials that should be taken into account.

How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones7.Style: The child will not be satisfied with the use of earphones just because you told him that it has a lot of features and benefits that he will gain, let's be honest the first thing that child see is the shape of the headphone, is it his favorite color? Is his favorite cartoon on them? , A very small detail but of course a basic when it comes to the child.

Of course there are a lot of other features that exist in the headphones such as frequency and depth of sound and other properties, but they are more professional than the previous ones and your child probably won`t need, these are the most important features that will affect the experience of your child directly is what we will look for when buying any new headset.

In -Ear or Over-Ear For Babies

There are some types of headphones that are not suitable for children and sometimes it becomes dangerous to use with children, of those types that are not recommended to use are In-Ear ones, because these types of headphones are very focused on the ear and make the risk of exposure of the child to the sudden and loud sounds Is very high which should be wary of, so in general it is recommended to but Over-Ear Toddler Headphones, especially for children sensitive to anything that may enter their ear.

What are Volume-Limiting Headphones And Why it`s Important for Kids

One of the biggest risks in using cheap headphones is that they are used for long periods with very high volumes, which can sometimes lead to hearing loss over time, For children, another thing is to listen to clips that exceed the recommended level which Are recommended by health experts .

For those reasons, there are Toddler Headphones with a volume limiter, which announces that the volume will not exceed a certain limit to maintain the integrity of the ear in the event of a sudden increase in volume. (As announced), these headphones will reduce the volume level that is pre-set by parent, But of course, there are a lot of headphones that exceed the volume limit advertised, so you must carefully choose between these brands in order to get the right one.

What is the difference between Toddler Headphones and regular ones?

Obviously, these kids headphones don't have many differences between them, but as we said, they may not be as professional as a regular headset, or in other words, there are many other factors that headphones depend on but we don't need to know those other professional factors either It's complicated or doesn't matter to your child that much.
How to Pick PERFECT Toddler Headphones
Regular Headphone

But the most noticeable difference we see is that children's headphones have more pleasant colors, as most regular headphones are in colors like black, blue and other colors that kids may not like, also the regular headphones are bigger than headphones for kids to fit user`s head, but children headphones are smaller to fit your kid`s head and also to not slip over his head to make it as comfortable as it can be .

What are the most TRUSTED brands offering quite well toddler headphones

Of course there are a lot of brands that make a lot of options for you and your son to choose between them, but we will not choose any option that exists in our face must be aware of the most famous brands and most importantly trusted ones or that can produce the headset you are looking for or can make you satisfied about what are you buying.
  • Nenos
  • Mpow
  • Noot products
  • Kidrox
  • iClever
  • JVC
  • Snug
  • Chokmax
  • Picun
  • Barsone
  • Fortas
And a lot of other brands that we will meet while searching for these headphones.

Cautions When Using Headphones For Kids

To get the best experience in using headphones we must take some warnings throughout the period child using his headphones :

  • Max Volume recommended to be 85dB for no more than 60min/day: For adults, the highest level of sound allowed to stay away from the danger stage is 85 dB for no more than 8 hours a day. Many of the headphones in the market may reach 100 dB simply, so it is advisable not to exceed that duration and the volume level for the child as well, And preferably less of course.
  • Volume-Limiting Headphones for Kids Not 100 guaranteed: Unfortunately, not all companies advertise is the reality, many of the headphones that declare that they have that feature, sometimes exceed the volume level advertised. This may be due to either the manufacturer's mishandling or misuse of headphones. Therefore, it is always advisable to deal with brands with confidence and a fairly good rating.
  •  Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is permanent: 1.1 billion people at risk of hearing loss , NIHL or smoetimes called partial deafness often occurs when the inner ear is exposed to loud noise, when it occurs, may make a person unable to hear the sounds of high frequencies, as they may not hear well the injured ear, and unfortunately that type of hearing loss is permanent. The problem of hearing loss does not come from day and night but it`s cumulative over the years through the wrong use of such headphones so be careful always.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most asked questions that we found and tried to get satisfactory answers you might have asked your self these.

Are Headphones safe for kids?

Of course, you inquired a lot about what if these toddler headphones aren`t the best for my kid or if it is not safe for usage,

Short answer: Yes, It`s totally safe for your kid if it`s not that big for his head and it must have a volume limiter to control max volume that the kid hears to protect his ears from high sounds even if they are videos,calls or music.

Can a 1 year old kid use headphones ?

Although it is not advisable to make the child exposed to such noise focused on his ear at that age because his ear is sensitive, but it can be used at that age taking into account the reduction of sound as much as possible while reducing the duration of use to the minimum.
Short Answer: Yes, as we said it`s very safe to use it even with these ages, but have to have a volume limiter on it.

What is the best headphone for my kid?

Of course it differs from a kid to another, so you must know your toddler "Needs" to pick most comfortable toddler headphones then pick one of them for your kid, If you don`t have enough experience on that, You simply can look at the Best Features To see in your kid headphone section where we explained the most important factors you have to keep in mind to pick the perfect headphone for your kid.

When can kids start wearing headphones?

try not to make the child get used to such devices at an early age, so if it is inevitable, always the older the child is and the more he knows how to use them and when to leave them the better.

Now you must have known the most important basics to pick the perfect Headphones for toddlers and then to pick your kid`s one, Now you want to pick one from dozens of brands and hundreds of versions, but we will try to show you best headphones for toddlers and reviews and more. Stay tuned!

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